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OUTBREAK OF THE MUTINY,   185? A.D.                                47

on the cartsj when one of the siibadars suddenly called out c ho&fdydr,
L look alive, my man/ which was evidently a preconcerted signal ; and at once
a shoi was fired, which killed Lieutenant Burlton, commandant of the escort,
dead on the spot* The rebels than seized the treasure, together with the pri-
vate effects of the residents in the station, which were also ready to be trans-
ported to Agra, and went off in a body to the Magistrate's Court-house, which
they set on fire, destroying all the records, and then took the road to Delhi.
But first they broke 'open the jail and carried all the prisoners with them as far
as the city, where they got smiths to strike off their fetters. Besides Lieutenant
' Bnrlton, one of the treasury officials also was killed. An attempt was made to
check the rebel body as it marched throngh Chhata, bnt it was quite ineffectual,
and on the 31st of May they entered the town of Kosi. There, after burning
down the Customs bungalow and pillaging the police-station, they proceeded to
plunder ihe tahslli. But some Us. 150 was all they could find in the treasury 3
and most of the records also escaped them. The townspeople and most of the
adjoining villages remained well-affected to the Government ; and subsequently,
as a reward, one year's revenue demand was remitted and a grant of Bs. 50
made to each headman. Mr. ThornhEl and the other Europeans with him now
determined to abandon their position at Chhata and return to Mathura, wher©
they took refuge in the city in the house of Seth Lakhmi Chand. While there
a report came that the Jats had set up a Raja, one Devi Birth, at Raya, on the
other side of the Jrnmuna. His reign was of no long continuance, for the Kota
Contingent, which happened to be on the spot at the time, seized and hanged
him wiih little ceremony, But as soon as this was accomplished, they them-
selves mutinied ; and Mr. Thornhill, who had accompanied them to Saya, had
to make a hasty flight back to Mathura^ bringing some small treasure in the
buggy with him.
On the 6th of July, the mutineers of Uorar and Eimach, on their retreat
from Agra? entered the city. In anticipation of their arrival, Mr. ThomhiU,
disguised as a native and accompanied by a trusty jamadar, Dil^war KHn,
started to flee to Agra. ' When they reached Aurangabad* only some four
miles on the way, they found the whole country on both sides of the road In
* Thst site of the oM Court-lbouse i§ now utterly out of the beaten track aad In all over-
grown with dense regetatloB* among which may be seen a plain but Yery substantial stone table
tomb* nith the following iasc?tpti<m : *« Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant P. H. C. Bsiriton*
&7th Native Infantry, wha was shot by a detachment of his regiment and of the 1 1th Native
Infantry near tfaii spot on th* SOth of May, 1857. T3ri§ tomb in erected by hk toother.